About The Rotenberg Institute

Many aspects of Israeli society – including mental health, education and academia - are still predominantly guided by Western-Christian solutions to societal problems such as alienation, loneliness, isolation, addiction and violence. These solutions have proven inadequate, while the rich Jewish heritage that we inherited from earlier generations is absent in our everyday lives.

The Rotenberg Institute for Jewish Psychology was established in 2005 to counter the ego-centric model of Western civilization via a mutual-responsibility model that mirrors the rabbinic dictum “Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh BaZeh” – all of Israel are guarantors one for the other.

The Institute offers training programs, workshops, seminars and in-house placements that reflect the novel community-centric insights pioneered by Israel Prize Laureate, Professor Mordechai Rotenberg. The Institute is named in memory of Professor Rotenberg’s son Boaz Yisrael who fell in the line of active duty in the Israel Defense Forces.


  • To provide mental health professionals, academics, educators, psychologists, counselors, holistic practitioners, caregivers, and other influencers with powerful therapeutic tools that meet the most rigorous international standards.
  • To deliver solutions for implementing clinical and educational interventions with at-risk sectors of Israeli society: youths, victims of trauma, the mentally ill, the elderly, immigrants, addicts, and people suffering loss and grief.
  • To tackle societal ills such as alienation, isolation, addiction and violence.
  • To rehabilitate marginalized sectors of the population back into the community.
  • To promote inclusion, diversity, dialogue and responsibility for the other.