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for Jewish Psychology

  • Supporting at-risk sectors of Israeli society
  • Rehabilitating marginalized people back into the community
  • Reclaiming the rich Jewish heritage of earlier generations to offer radical alternative solutions to Israel’s societal ills

Drawing on traditional Jewish sources, the Rotenberg Institute offers a compelling community-centric model for promoting inclusion, diversity, dialogue and renewed hope for personal, social and community growth.

Through our innovative training programs, workshops and seminars, we provide mental health and educational professionals in our client organizations with the tools they need to implement critical clinical and educational interventions.

Since the Rotenberg Institute was established 12 years ago, our graduates have had a direct impact on the lives of well over 100,000 at-risk members of Israeli society:
  • Youths
  • Victims of trauma
  • Mentally ill
  • The elderly
  • Immigrants
  • Addicts
  • People suffering loss and grief
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  • On Monday, memorial day evening at 21.15 We will show the movie 'Rutenberg' on facebook live You are invited to watch with us and of course share family and friends
  • 2-year program includes the fundamentals of Jewish Psychology – theory and practice
  • Advanced program includes in-depth theory, training and personal supervision

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