The Power of Tsimsum - Introduction to Jewish Psychology

This winter (2018) the Introduction to Jewish Psychology Diploma Course will commence.

The course is designed for therapists, social welfare practitioners and educators.

Since 2005, the Rotenberg Institute has taught introductory and advanced courses in Jewish psychology. This is the first time the course will be taught in English.

The 12 session course will take place at the Rotenberg Institute, Hiba Center, 75 Herzog Street, Jerusalem.

Dates and times: Monday evenings at 20:00 – 21:30, starting 26th of February.
Cost: 1500 NIS

Course topic:

Rotenberg's four-dimensional theory of Tzimtzum: intergenerational, intrapersonal, interpersonal and suprapersonal.

The course teaches Prof. Rotenberg'sTzimtzum paradigm and therapeutic approach, which is based on Hasidism and Kabbalah, as a conceptual and theoretical framework for therapeutic theory and practice.

About the course:

Western psychology often describes relationships – between parent and child, individual and society, man’s physical and spiritual urges, as a complex set of conflicts, and an ongoing struggle for dominance. In the psychology of Tzimtzum, Israel Prize laureate Professor Mordechai Rotenberg seeks to establish an alternative: a Jewish psychology, based on the kabbalistic concept of Tzimtzum (self-contraction). God’s primordial act of Creation, contracting Himself to make room for the world, becomes for Rotenberg a model for all human interaction. When the self contracts to make room for the other, the resulting relations are ones of dialogue rather than conflict, self-effacement rather than self-assertion, a desire to give rather than a desire to destroy.

About the lecturer:

Binyamin Goldenhersh – Is a practicing clinical and educational psychologist. He is an alumnus of the Hebrew University and the advanced Jewish psychology program at the Rotenberg Institute. He was ordained as a rabbi by the Israeli Rabbinate.

Application and registration:

Application process: applicants are required to complete the online application form, pay the (non-refundable) application fee of 250 NIS (online), and email their CV to

Participants will receive their notification of acceptance via email which will include a link to the payment of the remaining 1,250 NIS.