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Mental health, education, academia and Israeli society in general are still predominantly guided by Western-Christian principles. The rich Jewish heritage that we inherited from earlier generations is absent in our everyday lives; and western-based solutions to societal problems such as alienation, loneliness, isolation, addiction and violence have proven inadequate.

Established in 2005, the Rotenberg Institute for Jewish Psychology is based on empirically-based insights pioneered by Israel Prize Laureate Professor Mordechai Rotenberg of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Drawing on Jewish sources, Jewish thought, and a compelling community-centric worldview of society, our alternative approach offers renewed hope for personal, social and community growth.

We deliver innovative training solutions to organizations that work with youth at risk, victims of trauma, the mentally ill, the elderly, addicts, people suffering loss and grief, and other marginalized sectors of society. We provide professionals with powerful therapeutic tools that meet the most rigorous international standards, and that allow these professionals to implement innovative clinical and educational interventions.

The Rotenberg Institute for Jewish Psychology is named in memory of Professor Rotenberg’s son Boaz Yisrael who fell in the line ofactive duty in the Israel Defense Forces. He volunteered to serve in an elite paratrooper unit, and in 1988, at the age of 18, Boaz was the first victim of the first intifada to be killed in action when his unit was in Jericho.


  • To help at-risk sectors of society, including youth at risk, victims of trauma, the mentally ill, the elderly and immigrants.
  • To rehabilitate people who feel marginalized back into the community.
  • To deliver training to academics, educators, psychologists, counselors, holistic practitioners, caregivers, and other educational and therapeutic influencers that work with at-risk segments of Israeli society.
  • To develop innovative solutions for a society plagued by rifts, polarization, conflict and competition.
  • To change prevailing attitudes towards mental health.
  • To enhance the therapeutic idiom through exposure to Jewish sources.
  • To enrich the educational experience by developing educational tools based on Jewish sources.
  • To promote inclusion, diversity, dialogue and responsibility for the other.

The Rotenberg Institute

Rotenberg Institute for Jewish Psychology, Ha-Rav Herzog St. 75, Jerusalem 9262226 • Tel: 02.624.1998 Fax: 02.563.0007

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